Our Physicians

Thomas A. Hackenberg, M.D. M.D. 1988 University of North Dakota School of Medicine
Residency 1992 Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Fellowship 1996 Veterans Administration Hospital/LDS Hospital
Peter R. Brookmeyer, M.D. M.D. 2000 Washington University School of Medicine
Residency 2003 University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Fellowship 2006 Washington University
Elizabeth A. Kleiner, M.D. M.D. 2002 Medical College of Virginia
Residency 2006 Medical College of Virginia
Fellowship 2008 Medical College of Virginia
C. Allen Bernas, M.D. M.D. 2008 Drexel University College of Medicine
Residency 2011 Hahnemann University Hospital
Fellowship 2013 Hahnemann University Hospital
Matthew A. Hevey, M.D. M.D. 2014 Medical College of Wisconsin
Residency 2017 Medical College of Wisconsin
Fellowship 2019 Washington University

Physician Timeline

1996Thomas A. Hackenberg, M.D.
2006Peter R. Brookmeyer, M.D.
2009Elizabeth A. Kleiner, M.D.
2015C. Allen Bernas, M.D.
2019Matthew A. Hevey, M.D.
1985Donald A. Strandberg, M.D. (retired December 2012)
1986Jesse M. Hofflin, M.D. (retired December 2014)
1990Robert D. Weber, M.D. (retired May 2019)
2002Robert H. Gates, Jr., M.D. (retired April 2022)

Mission Statement

We will provide the highest-quality infectious disease care in a compassionate, nonjudgmental, and confidential fashion. We will use our expertise to support the health of individuals and our community at large.

We will operate on a sound financial basis in a responsible manner for our patients, the health care system, and ourselves.

We strive to achieve our goals in a relaxed, supportive, and safe environment while maintaining a high level of professionalism. We respect and support a balance between our professional and personal lives.